Parent Reviews

Mountain Rise Daycare is a unique environment filled with diversity, encouragement, and structure. Ms. Kaity offers a wonderful balance between developing team building skills and self-care skills. The schedule she's created allows the children to learn while the play and play while they learn. Children are well mannered, cultured, and given opportunities to continue growing at the level and area(s) that are valued at home.

L.G. ~ Current Parent, 2 years +

I was having a hard time finding a daycare with an opening. When I found Ms Kaity and Mountain Rise Daycare, I was relieved and so happy! She only has six kids at a time and her philosophy, care, and teaching style are wonderful! My 9 month old has been going there for four months and loves it! The space is open with good light and the kids do lots of fun projects. I feel as though Ms Kaity is a wonderful support and works with me for the best well being and development for my child. It takes a village, and I could not be more grateful to have Miss Kaity as part of my village!

Morgan Millogo ~ Current Parent

When looking for a daycare, it was extremely difficult time for me since I had been home with my twin girls for 2 years . When I found Mountain Rise daycare, my main focus was to find someone I trust, someone who is patient and someone who would provide my girls both educational and fun activities throughout the day. I found all this in more with Kaity; she truly devotes herself to each child. My girls absolutely love going and when I mention daycare, they get so excited! Definitely a gem and I am so happy I have found her. 

Fatima Sayeda~ Current Parent.

My son loves going here! Kaity does a great job communicating with parents about everything the kids are up to. She comes up with creative projects all the time and finds ways to accommodate the younger kids so they can do them too. She serves healthy snacks and provides the children with plenty of toys and activities to spark their imaginations. You can tell she really cares about what she does and cares about the children in her care. Highly recommended!

Erin Levine ~ Current Parent.

When I was looking for a daycare for my daughter it was really hard to find one that had an infant spot available. When I found Mountain Rise Daycare I was very relieved. I went to visit the daycare and was so comfortable with Ms.Kaity and her daycare. My daughter has been enrolled at the daycare for about 3 months now and she loves it. Her face lights up when she sees Ms.Kaity and it makes me happy to not only see she is comfortable but also that the daycare is equipped with toys for a baby so young and still adding toys as my daughter gets older.

M.K  ~ Current Parent.

Mountain Rise Daycare is wonderful!!! Ms. Kaity is amazing she is very patient and active with the kids. She always has a hands-on learning project planned. I love that she knows how to redirect really well if a child is upset about something. I love that she keeps the daycare very clean organized and cozy for the kids. She prepares really good kid friendly meals and always has the kids laughing. I definitely recommend Mountain Rise Daycare; it is in a great safe location and the teacher is wonderful!!! with the kids. Most importantly my daughter shows how much she loves it's there by always asking about Ms. Kaity or bringing her up in conversations ..A+ 

Ciyara Cee

I brought my granddaughter to Mountain Rise Daycare; it was one of the best experiences I have ever encountered in daycare. I only wish it was this wonderful when I had my children in day care. Ms Kaity is a warm kind heart who has always gives each individual child the attention they need. My granddaughter so enjoyed doing arts and crafts, learning colors, and numbers. She has developed loving relationships and has enjoyed her every moment with her teacher and friends. Ms Kaity makes sure the children get to enjoy the fresh air in the playground. The daycare and the children are always clean. I am so pleased with what she has done for my granddaughter.....Thank you so much Mountain Rise Family


Ms Kaity's daycare is always clean and neat. When you walk in there is a sense that this is a place that children will have a fun, safe learning environment. Ms. Kaity keeps the kids busy learning with the crafts and activities that can be seen throughout the daycare. The daycare is in a standalone building located back away from the street. Full of natural light with windows that look out on the world it is so much nicer than the basement environment that many daycares use.